Eventbrite Name Bassline Productions (Kinda) in their Top 100 Movers & Shakers in the Events Ind

The inevitable slow start to year within the depths of January and February, when event companies are calling each other to check everyone is still here, is thankfully over. That said, we were quietly confident that our efforts in sales and marketing along with the slow burning client relationships we’d been stoking over the long winter months, were going to render a multitude of exciting challenges, and opportunities to really flex.

Whilst the mill was well and truly grinding at Bassline Productions HQ, the reduced on-the-ground work gave us time to crack on with our pre-event movie series for our baby and annual showcase, Noisily Festival of Music & Arts.

It was the turn of Bassline and Noisily co-founder, Lachie Gordon, to step in front of the camera. Divulging the influences and inspirations which drive his creativity, Lachie explained that our annual trip to Burning Man each summer to produce the Ooligan Alley Soundcamp with our Funktion-One and lighting rigs, along with a healthy slice of the Great British Countryside, and a need for balanced escapism, are the forces at play when curating Noisily.

The response to the video was fantastic, clocking up over 20,000 views in a day, and amongst Joe Public a representative from Eventbrite, one of the World’s leading event marketing and ticketing platforms, was obviously watching too.

The result? Lachie was named as one of the top 100 Movers & Shakers in the events industry in the UK, and rightly so. Between him and the other two co-founders of Bassline Productions and Noisily Festival, Robbie Parry and Charles Audley, the chaps have achieved an impressive portfolio of professional kudos, and all under the age of 30.

The image and words in Eventbrite speak for themselves, but beyond that the recognition has lead to interest from several press parties looking to interview and profile the boys at Bassline, as they pump a much needed breath of fresh air into an industry dominated by the big boys. Watch this space!

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