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In November 2014 Bassline Productions were lucky enough to produce the Battersea Fireworks display, and whilst we designed a lighting show around the outside of the launch area, we knew that to really smash the event, we needed something extremely special for the front of house PA.

We own a fairly large stock of Funktion-One, enough to produce multiple medium sized stages at festivals simultaneously, however for a crowd upwards of 30,000 people the application demanded a powerful system able to deliver crystal clear audio evenly over several hundred meters in either direction. We gave our friends at Audio-Plus a call, the largest rental provider of Funktion One in the UK and the place where we actually bought all of our kit, and they were more than happy to oblige. Cue: Funktion-One’s new Vero system in beta testing form.

After six years of intensive research and development, Funktion-One are mere weeks away from releasing their brand new large format touring system. Vero is set to redefine operational performance expectations, whilst at the same time deliver audio to crowds the world over as never before, and the British speaker manufacturer has chosen Prolight + Sound Frankfurt as the place to launch it.

In their own words… “

“The impetus for Vero germinated from frustration with the declining standard of audio quality in the live environment, coupled with an understanding that the industry’s ergonomic expectations demand a system that can be flown quickly and easily, and with minimal crew. In answer to this, Tony Andrews, John Newsham and the Funktion-One team have designed a system that is conveniently arrayable and boasts a new level of performance characteristics relating to sound quality, efficiency and directivity.

Vero is a complete system, with each element specified or designed for the highest possible performance. The system includes speakers, amplifiers, cabling, rigging, transport dollies, weatherproof covers and software.

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The Vero speaker range features six highly efficient, low distortion horn-loaded loudspeakers – the V60 mid-high, V90 mid-high and V315 mid-bass with a choice of V221, V124 or V132 bass. The V60s, V90s and V315s all have identical dimensions, enabling them to be flown in the same vertical array. The ground stacked V221, V124 or V132 bass enclosures offer a choice of size and low frequency extension.

Vero is powered by Lab.gruppen PLM 20K44 amplifiers, featuring bulletproof reliability, tremendous power from a compact package, onboard processing and the sonically superior Dante networking for signal distribution. Three PLM 20K44 amplifiers and mains distro are fully shock mounted in an innovative, compact rack, complete with sliding doors that conveniently stow in the roof of the rack.

Vero’s patented Lambda flying system is designed for speed, safety and ease of use. It allows Vero arrays to be deployed accurately and efficiently. All rigging settings can be calculated using Vero’s Projection software. Unlike most other flown arrays, Vero’s inter-cabinet splay angles can be adjusted with the system in suspension.

Vero’s Projection design and prediction software allows Vero users to optimise array designs for smooth audience coverage in any venue. Projection provides venue plan, cross-section and 3D screens. Features include a user-friendly interface, a measurement tool calibrated in distance and time at the speed of sound, and colour coding to differentiate between the different types of enclosure.”

When Audio-Plus joined us at the Battersea Fireworks, we installed 3 x 15m high V-Towers at 60m intervals across the body of the park, hanging no fewer than 15 Vero cabs on each tower. To provide enough bass, we stacked up a phenomenal 36 x V221 cabinets (that’s 72 x 21” speaker drivers!!) in a mono stack 50m behind the 3 x V-Towers.

The real treat of the day, beyond listening to the staggering amount of sound emanating from the speakers, was when Funktion-One’s founder and chief designer, Tony Andrews, came down to tune the system. As always he used a vocal, the only way, he says, that you can truly get the levels perfect. So we stood at the back of Battersea park listening to Diana Krall in excess of 125db, and the council, who had told us it was the only day of the year when there were no sound restrictions, ran over fairly quickly to revoke that statement!

The speakers made the fireworks sound like bangers, and Tony kindly gave us a quote for our web site… “Biggest bass stack I’ve ever had a hand in putting together. Result!” Nice!

Vero will launch at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt from the 5th - 8th April 2016, and F1 will be there in full force.

Follow the sound at and you’ll notice the photo on their landing page has got the Bassline boys stading lofty atop the very same bass stack.

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