In September 2011 four friends sat around a kitchen table with an idea, a dream which they wanted to see realised and the enthusiasm to see it done. Seven months later over the second bank holiday of May 2012 Noisily Festival of Music & Arts opened its gates for the first time, welcoming 450 people through the gates.

At the very same meeting one of the team received a call from a friend selling a Funkion One Sound System, and three of the four Noisily team decided then and there, to start an event equipment hire company. The result: Bassline Productions.

Now, rolling towards it’s 5th birthday this July, Noisily has grown to host around 3,000 delightfully diverse revelers, who despite their differing tastes in music, trends and fashion, all share in the common goal and ethos of what Noisily is. An environmentally sustainable festival, an escape from day to day life, a hedonistic microsociety void of prejudice where everyone is welcome irrespective of difference, a holistic atmosphere that feeds the mind, body and soul, and of course, a party with absolutely incredible production values. Cue Bassline!

The Coney Woods on Noseley Hall Estate provide the perfect canvas for a myriad of production elements, nature at it’s best brought to life by innovative lighting design and perfectly delivered audio.

Sound as a Pound - Last year saw a serious step up on in the delivery of audio to the dance floors, after 2015’s event received a number of noise complaints from the local communities. After a hearing with the council and some new restrictions, we knew we absolutely had to retain the volume on the dance floors, whilst of course looking after the interests of the local community. Changing the name of the festival from Noisily to Quietly simply wasn’t an option!

We actually ended up installing more audio on each of the stages the ever before, but set up the systems in quadraphonic surround at four separate points around the dance floor, baffling the speakers from behind with giant straw bales in order to push as much of the soundwave into the centre of the dance floor. This created a bass nucleus and thanks to clever tuning of the XTA processing, we had zero issues with phase cancellation.

Before the festival there were a number of engineers questioning whether or not we would pull it off properly, however the very same people contacted us personally afterwards saying they had never heard better sound set up in that way. Result!

Light it Up - We properly geek out at Bassline about lighting, and where festivals in big fields have to make do with large stage shows and poles with festoon fixed onto them to illuminate the pathways, we are fortunate enough to have the most ridiculous setting to play with.

Last year we positioned over 100 LED fixtures throughout the trees, transforming the site into a wonderland at night time, with hidden corners and babbling brooks illuminated, guiding revelers and woodland pixie elves alike between the stages.

The stages were jacked up to the nines with pyrotechnics, custom LED installations pulsing in time with the music, an epic laser show on the Noisily Stage, and 3D projection mapping across the front of the Treehouse and it’s canopy above.

This year’s production is posing a number of challenges, the main one being that we’re working out how to top last year! But fear not, big plans are afoot for some mind blowing installations. We won’t say too much, but think Ewa……..

See you in the woods!

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