​The events we produce at Bassline Productions require creativity, and we are lucky enough to have a strong and enthusiastic team who prefer to look at problems as surmountable challenges, and beyond their technical abilities, have the innovation to produce exceptional results thinking outside the box.

That said, it doesn’t matter how skilled an engineer, event designer or project manager you are, without the correct tools for the job there’s a finite amount you can achieve. It’s up to the companies and manufacturers bringing out the kit to continually surpass their previous product lines, and occasionally, there are organisations who build a product which is such a game changer it redefines an area or market.

Clay Paky did it with the Sharpy beam light in 2010; an unbelievably low powered fixture at just 189 watts, it was small enough to carry onto a plane as hand baggage whilst powerful enough to use at Wembley Arena. Winning multiple awards across the globe, there are now countless copies of these, but only a few have come close to the functionality and output capabilities packed into such a small casing.

Another company who have changed the face of the events world, and more specifically the audio market, are Funktion One. F1 are one of our personal favourites, and we use their speakers as our go to festival sound system; in house we have a large stock of their Resolution 4 Series, perfect for stages of a couple of thousand people, especially when stacked on top of the industry defining F221 sub bass cabinets we own.

The Resolution Series redefined the club and festival experience, delivering a sonic quality never experienced before, through a sound system more efficient and more directional than any of it’s predecessors. As a result it is installed in the who’s who of super clubs the world over, and as the flagship system of Space Ibiza

Whilst the Resolution series is still widely used, by us included, Funktion One have worked continually to improve on perfection, and the Evo Series is the result!

Hire Funktion One


· Fully horn loaded for high efficiency

· Three-way

· Funktion One designed drivers

· Low weight Neodymium magnets throughout

· Fitted with M10 flypoints

· Optional Wheelboard (coming soon)

· Optional sturdy grille for discrete appearance

· Evo7EH and Evo7SH mid-high versions also available (coming soon)

We will be upgrading all our Res4’s to Evo7E’s before the 2016 summer season starts, and will be deploying no fewer than 16 across the site at Noisily Festival in July in quadraphonic arrays!


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